RFS: Introduction to Ruby - 001

Ruby was created by Yukihiro Matsumoto and one of the core ideas behind ruby was and is still to this modern day "programmer happiness". This is why the slogan of the ruby programming language is "programmer's best friend". The idea of putting programmers first started out within the ruby community. As a result the ruby community has become one of the best communities around.

Great Community

The ruby community is built around making it fun for programmers to learn and build things with. This is why many great ideas in software engineering do so well in the ruby community. Things like "Don't Repeat Yourself", "Convention over Configuration" are prime examples of great concepts that are natively baked into the Ruby Community.

Success Stories

The ideas behind ruby have helped many products grow into multimillion dollar companies that change the world in a positive way. Here is a list of great companies that use ruby.

Better Programmers

The ideas and concepts behind ruby have helped it grow into a community of developers who have great ethics towards building / writing software. In general ruby developers give great importance to technical excellence, writing tests, adopting conventions and focusing on building great software that solve problems, as a result ruby developers tend to have much better discipline and are more likely to adopt great concepts and ideas on their projects. This has a positive net effect on the projects which then has a positive net effect on the business.

A great place to start

Ruby has a thriving ecosystem surrounded by great people. It's a great place for beginners to start whether the end goal is to get a job in a company or start your own company, ruby will definitely put you in the right place for success.