Mojave: ASDF Version Manager - [002]

The ASDF Version Manager is an essential tool when it comes to development workflow. Many times you'll need to install various versions of dependencies in your system depending on which project you are working on. ASDF takes care of managing all the different versions of dependencies for you. This episode we'll show you how to setup ASDF VM on a fresh macOS install.

Setting up ASDF

We will use homebrew to install asdf, check out the episode we setup homebrew if you don't have it.

brew install asdf

Once this is done we'll need to copy a line and put it in our ~/.zshrc file.

source /usr/local/opt/asdf/

Once you copy the line above into your shell profile run

source ~/.zshrc

Using ASDF

Try typing asdf into your terminal, you will see a list of commands you can play with. Next try

asdf plugin-list-all

This will show you a list of plugins available for you to install.

Brew Info ASDF

If you need to see the information on asdf from homebrew again use the following

brew info asdf