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Elixir: Implementing Public API for Retrieving HTML - [025]

We need to make our process of retrieving the html of a page simpler. In this post we will abstract away the inner-workings of our rendering engine and expose a simple api for the rendering process.

Simple Public API

We will use the Botiful.Render module as our public api.

defmodule Botiful.Render do  alias Botiful.Render.Engine  def html(url) do    {:ok, pid} = Engine.start_link(url)    {:ok, wait_for_html(pid)}  end  defp wait_for_html(pid) do    case Engine.html(pid) do      :incomplete ->        wait_for_html(pid)      html when is_binary(html) ->        # Engine.stop(pid)        html    end  endend

We implement 2 functions the html function is the public function that calls the private function wait_for_html. The private function will call itself until the page is completed. We also call Engine.stop once the page is rendered.

We can simply use the api as shown below.


Next we'll need to implement the termination strategy for our Render Engine.