Member Benefits is an online school for people who want to learn to code. We believe anyone can code! Our goal is to make education accessible and affordable to everyone. We believe that anyone who's dedicated enough can be productive and hireable in 3 months.

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Quality produce

Our content is produced in-house by our instructors who actually practice what they preach.

As a result our content is practical and something our students can apply in their real work straight away.

All the concepts in our videos are things we use in our own projects. Which means we've tried them out before we share them with the world.


We want to reach as many people as we can. So we put up some of our videos on youtube for free!

When we work on our own projects, sometimes we have to refine the rough edges of existing tools, create our own tools to make our lives easier, or tools that we feel will help make our students understand concepts easier. After we research and implement these tools we release them on github, to help the community and our students.

Free range


Codemy grow

Codemy is a homegrown bootstrapped business. We believe in offering real value to our audience. So we're doing this the old school way.

We are now producing timed-exclusive, exclusive-exclusive and ad-free content for our paying members. We our paying members because they help us keep the lights on and enable us to continue doing what we love to do!

$9 / Month to be a Member

By becoming a member you agree to the terms and conditions